About Us

Al Seraj Arabic School was founded in Brisbane City due to the urgent need to educate the community’s children the Arabic language. The main obstacle to the development of the school was obtaining a suitable place to utilize as organized educational classes. Furthermore, another concern was obtaining a consistent educational curriculum which is considered the main factor for the establishment and continuity of this school. The adopted language program has been proved by the increased success of students over the last ten years. It is also worth mentioning that the high efforts of the respected teachers and the school administration have contributed mainly to overcoming the difficulties faced by the students and thus led to upgrading the educational level of the school and achieving great results. This has been recognized by the parents and guardians. When the school was opened, the number of students did not exceed 10 and through the exceptional efforts put in, the number of students is now near 150 students (male and female) and a capacity of six educational classes starting from grade prep to grade five and a total of around fifteen staff members of respected teachers, supervisors and assistants.