The administration undertakes the daily supervision by the principal of the school on the nature of the course of school education, the management of educational programs, and work to deepen and build goals and objectives, in order to enhance the values of education and raise its level. The responsibilities that are assigned to the school principal vary according to the nature of the educational institution.


If you want to support our school, please donate generously into our Bank Account:

Account Title: Al Seraj Arabic School

Account Title: Al Seraj Arabic School
BSB: 064-203
Account Number: 1051 2010
Bank: Commonwealth Bank

ACN: 613 812 043
ABN: 88613812043

School Facilities

Alseraj school provide the required learning for the students aged 5 to 16 to read and write the Arabic language. 


In the case of your interest in enrolling your sons or daughters at Al Seraj Arabic School please contact the school administration or fill out the enrolment form and emailing it to us. Please note that we accept students aged from 5 to 16 years and from both genders.

Meet our Staff

The staff of Al Seraj Arabic school consist of the educated class of the community in Brisbane city and its suburbs. They work as volunteers to help the children of the communities where they teach for three hours on Sundays of every week.

Student Portal

In this section the student will find educational materials that are provided by their designated teachers.

Contact Us

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations

Learn More About Our Work And Our Cultural Activities

Al-seraj Arabic Ethnic School is a non-for-profit learning institution offering free of charge classes by a volunteering team of staff. It operated by the volunteers of our community in Brisbane, Australia and it opened since 2008.